Olio Clara Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Multisensory Experience


learning to appreciate extra-virgin olive oil, allows you to live an experience that involves the human senses:

  • SIGHT - Each variety of oil has a typical color that fluctuates from golden yellow to deep green depending on the amount of chlorophyll present.
  • SMELL - A little amount of oil poured into a small glass warmed by the warmth of the hands, wakes up slowly expressing all its aromatic notes. it is an effective method for slowly approaching the oil and inhaling the fragrances that it releases, arriving to perceive multiple scents, from the intensity of the fruity to an exuberance of scents, such as: leaf, freshly cut grass, almond, artichoke, green tomato, thistle, aromatic herbs and apple.
  • TASTE - A small sip of oil, equal to a teaspoon, is the right quantity to better appreciate its characteristics. The oil taken must wrap for a few moments the taste buds before being swallowed: you can thus appreciate bitter notes of different intensity, taste related to the amount of beneficial polyphenolic substances present and elusive sensations of sweet that are transformed in a moment in multiple shades.
  • HEARING - The oil must be vaporized in the oral cavity by vigorously sucking in air between the teeth: in this way a sound is generated very similar to a whistle, which is very dear to professional tasters!
  • TOUCH - After having vaporized the oil in the oral cavity, you will be able to perceive the viscosity of the oil and you will be able to discover further aromatic qualities and a pleasant and unexpected sensation of spiciness, which warms the throat, also related to the presence of polyphenols.

Obviously, to experience this wonderful experience it is fundamental both the high quality of the product tasted and the absence of residual substances due to field treatments. Therefore it is highly recommended to consume only organic extra-virgin olive oil.

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