Olio Clara Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

How to get a Quality Oil


Extra-virgin olive oil is an oil of superior category obtained solely from olives and by mechanical processes, whose free acidity is less than or equal to 0.80%. However, the standard required by the term "extra-virgin" is not sufficient to testify to the quality of an olive oil due to a legislation that is contradictory or easily circumvented.

A quality olive oil is always able to satisfy our senses. Perfumes that fill and evoke images of harmony and naturalness, flavors that complement and enhance the taste of the foods they meet. Producing quality olive oil is an arduous and wasteful challenge.

After having studied, selected and cared for with dedication, the olive varieties of our interest are expected with respect that the fruits come to maturity. The best harvesting period varies from cultivars into cultivars and is closely related to the climatic conditions of the year.

Rain, sun, wind are crucial for the organoleptic structure of the drupes and for the possible occurrence of pests.

It is therefore necessary to intervene promptly to avoid the possibility of deficiencies in quantity and quality of the crop, constantly monitoring the state of health of the olives.

A safeguard activity that, in a context of organic cultivation, becomes particularly wasteful both in terms of labor power and economic resources, but allows the olives to overcome evolutionary obstacles in a strictly natural way without altering the organic characteristics, nutritional properties and of the gustative qualities.

The olives harvested must be 100% intact, not crushed or contaminated by the ground and not damaged by the olive oil fly or by the harsh winter frost; everything to absolutely avoid oxidative processes that would lead to the consequent increase of fatty acids in the extracted oil. In this way the highest levels of quality and sanitary safety are maintained.

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Within 12 hours of harvesting, the olives are transported in crates to the crusher and processed before the fermentation processes begin to degrade them. Getting quality oil is the result of linked actions, each of which is of crucial importance. An integral (two-stage) continuous cycle crusher works at low temperatures and guarantees the preservation of every precious aromatic note and of all the innumerable nutritional qualities that the oil contains, significantly increasing the phenolic charge.

Defoliation, washing, pressing, grinding, centrifugation and separation are the processes that allow the juice of drupes to flow out pure, aggregate and flow into oil.

The oil obtained is stored in airtight containers (inox) in a sterile environment, free of oxygen, without contact with light sources and at temperatures between 10 and 18 Celsius degrees.

The production of first monovarietal oils and their subsequent combination in harmonious blend, allows obtaining the highest quality of the product, offers you an exceptional multisensory experience and protects and enhances the precious endangered Marche cultivars. In the preparation of Olio Clara we do just that!

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