Olio Clara Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Why Organic


The choice of producing extra-virgin olive oil only from organic farming becomes a choice of quality necessary for the protection of olive trees , to obtain a healthy and nutritious product and to respect the environment in which we live.

The olive tree is a plant with considerable longevity capable of varying the intensity of its own metabolism and of regenerating itself, succeeding in making morphological and physiological adaptations according to the environmental and microclimatic conditions of the place.

Not everyone knows, in this regard, that in the Italian territory there are about 500 varieties (cultivars) of olives, which give life to fruits with unique characteristics in size, density, maturation times, appearance, taste and smell.

The olive cultivation in the Marche is characterized by small plantations that produce prestigious oils, recognized as such already in Roman times.

There are over 30 cultivars present in the region, many of which are native and grown exclusively in the Marche region. Unfortunately, because of the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, many of these are at risk of genetic erosion, such as:

  • the Piantone di Falerone: sweet and spicy oil with notes of apple, tomato and artichoke;
  • the Piantone di Mogliano: balanced oil with pleasant herbaceous notes and hints of tomato and almond;
  • the Sargano di Fermo: very fine oil, extremely delicate with apple, almond and leaf fragrances;
  • the Coroncina: bitter, spicy and aromatic oil.

An environmental and cultural heritage that has so much to tell about the quality of life in the Marche region, the traditions and stories of our territory, capable of offering authentic and unrepeatable multisensory experiences.

Therefore the choice to follow a road that leads to radically avoid the use of chemical substances, protecting: water, air, soil, animals and insects, becomes obligatory; allowing to minimize the consumption of energy resources, ensuring the stability of the agrosystem and its biodiversity.

Organic olives present:

  • nutritional intake and organoleptic qualities superior to the same variety of olives obtained from traditional cultivation;
  • greater wealth and variety of taste and smell;
  • high level sanitary standards;

Organic farming is guaranteed by rigorous control systems.

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